Castle of Kolossi

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The castle of Kolossi, also known as Koula, is one of the most important fortifications preserved in Cyprus, from the Frankish period. The Kolossi castle was built in 1454 by the great commander of the Knights guild Louis De maniac. It was built on top of the ruins of an older fortress from the 13th century. The crest of the Maniac is built on the east wall of the fortress. On the four sides of the roof there are 19 ramparts and the gun-loops, with which they used to throw hot oil to the enemy in order to prevent the entrance to any possible enemies. 

Kolossi was the base of the major military command known as Commanderie. It was used as a residence and administrative center of the head of the Knights, who organized, controlled and exploited the production of major crops in Kolossi valley and the wider region, covering initially about 60 villages. 

Commanderie of Kolossi gave its name to the traditional Cypriot sweet wine known today as “Commanderie Wine”. 


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