The oldest wine in Europe

The oldest wine in Europe
Commandaria is the first and only Cypriot wine with a protected designation of origin (controlled) and exclusive production area since 1990. Produced from vines that are in a specific and controlled cultivation area belonging to known Commandaria villages: Agios Georgios, Agios Constantinos, Ayios Mamas, Ayios Pavlos, Apsiou, Gerasa, Larnaca, Zoopiyi, Kalo Chorio, Kapilio, Lania, Louvaras, Monagri, Sylikou.

It is generally believed that Cyprus is the beginning of the production of the most ancient wines in Europe and takes us 5000 years back in time. Not far from reality when you consider that at Erimi village a large wine production center existed 4,500 years ago. Cyprus has very specific subsoil and mostly sunny days throughout the year, a unique combination for the production of sweet wines from indigenous varieties of grapes.

The legendary name  
The red sweet wine "Nama" was well known in ancient times. Poets and historians wrote about Cyprus and the excellent wine of the island.

The legend says that Richard the Lionheart during the Crusade in which he conquered Cyprus in 1191 and his marriage to the beautiful Berengaria, celebrated his victory and joy with the sweet wine Nama.

“Nama “ was produced mainly in the region where during the period of the Crusades, the Knights of St John were based (Grande Commanderie) and this is how the oldest wine in the world, got its name "Commandaria”. The 14 villages that produce the wine of Comandaria, were ruled by the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem who were based in Kolossi.

A legend says that during the 13th century, Philip August of France organized the first wine tasting competition with wines from all over Europe and that the Comandaria was the winning wine.

Comandaria Festival in 2016 at Kapilio village, Limassol
Until September 17th, the famous villages of Comandaria are joined to celebrate their wine production, at the village of Kapilio and welcome again, hundreds of guests who want to participate in the harvest and in the pressing of the grapes but who would also like to learn how to cook using Comandaria. The local wineries and vineyards open their doors and traditional happenings occur in an all day event and on a daily base until the 17th of Sep.