Alevromylos tavern brings Limassol and Venezuela together!

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It looks like a typical, traditional, Cypriot tavern, but as soon as you sit at the table you know it is far from it. A couple of doctors, from Cyprus and Venezuela, with love for cooking, after joining their cultures with their marriage, they created a similar kind of bond in the menu of this special tavern.

Of course, Alevromylos is a tavern that makes its own sausages with wine and prepares dishes with fresh products from the area, but it is also a tavern that broadens the taste horizons of its guests to the cuisine of South America, with dishes from Venezuela. Thus, the menu offers options of grilled meat with spicy sauces, traditional pies from Venezuela (empanadas), black beans and many more tasty and interesting dishes.

The name of Alevromylos refers to the family tradition of flour mills, which is now exhibited in the local museum. This is probably the tradition that inspired the pastry bowls, in which they serve the salad (s that you can have a bit of it, when its content is gone). Still, next to the traditional flavors, there are also dishes from the international cuisine, such as a special recipe called tricolore (with 3 kinds of fillets, marinated in unique flavors) the lobster pasta and the burgers.

The tavern is open every day, except Monday, operating from early in the afternoon as a traditional coffee shop, until late at night, when live music is featured on Fridays and Saturdays. On Sundays, the tavern serves lunch. 

Address: Asgata square
Contact number: 99 440 860

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