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These 2 men move us and inspire hope and pride, running from one end of Limassol to the other!

On March 19th, many are those who will find themselves at the start of OPAP Limassol Marathon GSO in order to lighten up the suffering of their fellow human beings, both in Cyprus and abroad. Among them are Chrysanthos Kanari and Charalambos Ioannou.

Having felt themselves the pain and suffering of illness can bring, they made a bet to contribute in their own way, so that this pain to be reduced for others. Running the half marathon and marathon respectively, Chrysanthos and Charalambos send a message that their own race on the road is minimal in comparison to the struggle waged everyday by thousands of people, older or even children and infants. So, they ask us to become part of this race, not necessarily by running, but stating our presence with a financial contribution.

On March 19th, Chrysanthos will run the half marathon in Limassol (22 km) supporting the organization in CCFA in America, which is engaged in research for the treatment of Crohn's disease and colitis ulcer. Also through his race, he wants to prove to all patients that, yes, you can live a normal life having this disease or any other, such as cancer of the colon. Himself, just 1 year ago, in March 2016, underwent a painful operation to remove his bowel. His life, however, has not ceased to be full of hope and light.

Charalambos, Special Education teacher and father of 2 children, lived the worst agony 1 parent can experience: he saw his barely 1-month old son struggling with cancer for many months, not once but twice. The family was happy to see the little one win the fight against the disease, with the Cyprus Association for children with cancer and related diseases "A Dream of a Wish" standing beside them. So, although Charalambos started running to be a healthy father, now he is running for all children struggling with illness to be able to smile and this calls all of us in support of the cause.

You can make contributions to the race of Chrysanthos here.

You can make contributions to the race of Charalambos here:
1) IBAN: CY76 0070 5010 0000 0000 2027 7575 BIC: CCBKCY2N at the name "Charalambos Ioannou" and the reference "Marathon + Name of Applicant".

2) IBAN: CY86 0070 3020 0000 0000 4025 9391 BIC: CCBKCY2N at the name "Parents Association of Primary School in Karmiotissa" and the reference "Marathon + Name of Applicant".

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