The night of white that brought with it the first snowfall in Troodos!

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A particularly rainy December was nearing its end, with not a single sign of snow. This changed suddenly, however on the night of the 18th until the early morning hours of the 19th  December 2018, when winter’s first snowflakes began to fall on the Troodos mountains.

On a night of endless rain across the entire Limassol district, snow began to cover the trees, slopes and streets of Troodos, to the pleasant surprise of those who happened to be up in the mountains at the time.

The nighttime snowfall resulted in a beautiful crisp morning on December 19th, with a landscape that was blanketed in white.

And so it while may have been late to the party, the nighttime snowfall finally decorated the pine forest in the spirit of the season, giving the lucky few who were there the chance to witness beauty in the making. Spyros Erotocritou captured the nighttime images, while Tasos Ierodiakonou was among the first to capture the image of winter’s first snowy morning.