The unique wine bars in Limassol, with fine wine and tasty delights!

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Everywhere in the world, wine is probably the best companion for relaxing times, chatting with friends or tasting delights. But in Limassol, wine means much more: it is part of the identity and culture of the city itself. So, if you don’t visit a wine bar in Limassol then, where will you?

A variety of special venues in the Limassol city and countryside, are designed in a way so that they can be the ideal destination for those who know and love or those who want to explore the flavors and aromas of wines from all over the world. Atmospheric bars with attention to their design and decoration details, along with beautiful musical choices, make up a different setting for entertainment and relaxation.

With their expertise in wine storage and serving, with a wide variety of local and international labels and interesting flavor options for accompanying dishes, the Limassol wine bars invite you to start exploring!

1. Bistrot 55 Classic Edition

Bistrot 55 Classic Edition with an excellent wine collection offers a complete tasting experience in every visit. With special attention to the detail, the venue perfectly blends with Eleftherias Street ambiance where is located. In the tranquil atmosphere of Bistrot 55 Classic Edition you will enjoy fine wines, as well as quality dishes with the most authentic flavors, mainly from the French cuisine.

Address: 55, Eleftherias Street
Contact number: 25 212 100
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2. Do Wine and Dine

Do Wine & Dine stands out for the impressive architecture of the Limassol Pearl Building, where it is located, and the modern decoration. In addition to the cozy and modern ground floor, it also has a basement with a cellar, which is suitable for bookings. In the cellar you can find a stunning range of over 300 wine labels that are excellently accompanied by fine dishes of modern Mediterranean cuisine.

Address: 50E Amathountos Avenue, Limassol Pearl Building
Contact number: 25 020 056
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3. Lab

Local and international wines with delicate flavors offer you a real tasting pleasure, complemented by signature cocktails and fine dishes. Lab is located at a preserved building, at Anexartisias shopping street, combining an exquisite elegance with the vibrant character of the area. You will distinguish it for the fine decoration, as well as for the beautiful yard in the back.

Address: 33, Anexartisias Street
Contact number: 25 738 882
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4. Vinylio Wine Etc

Vinylio Wine Etc is located at a preserved building, in a picturesque alley in the historical city center. Owning 85 labels of wine, maintain their flavors and aromas in the best way. You will distinguish it for its warm feeling, the live music every Friday and Saturday (mainly jazz) and the remarkable artists from Cyprus and abroad, who are frequently hosted at its venue.

 Address: 34, Agkiras Street
Contact number: 99 300 430

5. The Wine Bar

An authentic wine bar in the heart of the city that welcomes you in a warm and hospitable venue at Makarios Avenue. The atmospheric feeling and the wooden decor are ideally complement the venue of the bar, for wonderful evenings out. Still, what will excite you the most, is the possibility you have to enjoy your meat exactly like you want it, since The Wine Bar has special stones on which you can directly cook your steak.

Address: 153, Makarios Avenue
Contact number: 8000 1212

6. SoHo Wine & Cocktail Lounge Bar

The fine wines with flavors from Cyprus and abroad, the signature cocktails and the delicious food platters, make up the setting at SoHo bar. Located on a paved pedestrian street in the city center, it is a comfortable, modern and hospitable, ideal for relaxing night out with friends.

Address: 35, Archiepiskopou Kiprianou Street
Contact number: 7000 37 67

7. Fine Wine Bar

Located in Germasoyia area, is one of the oldest wine bars in the city, counting 10 years of operation in Limassol. With special emphasis on the Italian culture, Fine Wine Bar offers a stunning range of Italian wine, along with French, Greek and Cypriot wines. The tasting experience is completed by the splendid Italian dishes, prepared with mastery, from the Italian restaurant that operates at the same venue.

Address: 36, Spirou Kiprianou Street, Germasoyia
Contact number: 99 622 269

8. Agrovino Wine Bar (Lofou)

The tradition and the unique feeling of the Lofou village are brought together at Agrovino Wine Bar, which welcomes every visitor to a stone-built building with warm atmosphere. The wine that the village is famous for, finds its place in the bar with a stunning collection of local labels, various spirits and traditional delicacies.

Address: Stavrou Street, Lofou
Contact number: 25 470 002