The unique atmosphere of the Street Life Festival through some of it amazing moments!

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Liveliness, colors, music, dancing, talent and plenty of smiles. If one was asked to describe the Street Life Festival in a few words, these would probably be the top choices. This street festival was originally established by people with a deep love for the city. It is thus inevitable that its identity is 100% Limassolian, and all who participate in it get caught up in its excitement and spirit.

The Street Life Festival turned 13 this year, and over the course of its journey, it has grown and evolved into an institution that thousands of people look forward to each spring. Both locals and visitors have a steady date each year in the historical city center of Limassol, an area that has played a major role in its rejuvenation. Beyond the wonderful graffiti art which has adorned the city walls over the years, the area has also cemented its role as a place to meet, have fun, and create.

Anyone who finds themselves even briefly within the midst of this open-air festival will immediately understand where its success stems from: the freedom it inspires, its pervasive creativity, the fun vibes and, above all, the spirit of collaboration among the participants, all of which is enough to get visitors to get caught up in the joy of the Street Life Festival.

As such, this annual event has become a way for people to come closer to each other as well as to Limassol, and learn to create, have fun, and fall in love with their city along the way.