The street associated with the flirting of the old Limassolians!

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Old Limassolians have a nostalgic style when they narrate stories about this street and a warm, sweet mood fills them, as on this road they were flirting, laughing and meeting with their friends, creating memories and enjoying unforgettable moments.

Several decades ago, a while before the Independence of the island, Gladstonos Street was full of life, but in a different way than today. A lot of people, involved in the commerce, were setting up and operating their shops along the street. In that way the street retained a lively character with grocery stores, kebab restaurants, pastry shops, as well as various entertainment venues and cinemas. A while later, the road began to host social events such as school and carnival parades.

People of all ages were socializing there, but mainly the young people, since for them, Gladstonos was the only opportunity they had to meet the people they were in love with, flirt, exchange glances and, if they could, a couple of words. Life was going on like this in the city and the young people, always with decent appearance, honesty and politeness, were going out to enjoy their walk, by food or on their bikes.

Gladstonos Street starts shortly before Pentadromos spot, where Jamouda is located (find out more about Jamouda here), and for Limassolians today is nothing more but a busy street in the city center, connecting major road arteries. But for those who the period between 1955 and 1977 was matching with their youth, Gladstonos was much more. For them, the street was their "hangout spot" and the reference point that marked their most beautiful, perhaps, years.

Information: Adamos Kombou, "Limassol Points of Reference", 2016
Photos: Pattichio Municipal Museum - Historical Archive - Limassol Study Center, Lemesou Mnimes

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