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The secret lake on Troodos turned into... an ice rink!

Preparing for the excursion, which is scheduled for mid-February, the Cyprus From Air team went out on a scanning visit to the secret lake on Troodos. The visit clearly confirmed that the time is ideal for a trip, because the lake,"hiding" in the Troodos forest, offers at this time a unique spectacle.

An incredibly huge, crystal ice rink is created on the surface of the secret lake, after the extremely low temperatures that occurred recently. This is a completely different picture, since the surroundings of the lake are covered with snow, changing the image that is created in other seasons, with the golden autumn colors or the bright green of the spring.

The Cyprus From Air dogs crossed through the frozen lake surface, "skating" from one end to the other, particularly enjoying this unusual scenery. At the bottom of the lake, more distinctly than ever, one can see the remnants of old buildings in this area, which was not always full of water. The snow on the trail of Almyrolivado, leading to the lake, adds another level of difficulty to the entire route, but it is undoubtedly a unique experience.

Shall we go for a winter adventure in the secret lake on Troodos?

Photos: Manos Botrini

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