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The popular beach of Cyprus, which would not have existed without the coaches of Limassol!

An incredible story accompanies the popular beach in Limassol, Dasoudi, which was created during the British domination. At that time, the coaches, one of the most important occupations of the city, used to transfer people and goods along the coastal road. In the winter months, however, their work was difficult and many times even prohibitive, as the sea would get rough and come out.

Mavrokordatos, commander of the Limassol Police in 1903, decided to end the inconvenience and the problems that arose in the area. The solution he gave was the creation of an alley with pine, eucalyptus and acacia. Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriot police officers were then called to plant the area and create a natural mound against the urge of the sea. 

This area is today a rare - if not the only - case of beach on the Cypriot shores, combining rich vegetation and access to the sea, in the heart of the city. Thus, Dustoudi, created for purely practical purposes, is today a green lung that, which, although not created naturally, is a way of relaxation, sea dives, sports and play.

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* NOTE: The articles of the Project "History of Limassol" present information that has emerged from historical research thus far. Any new data is embedded into the articles, once it has been confirmed.

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