The new big project of Limassol is officially presented!

* NOTE: All the tributes of All About Limassol (as the Official Guide of Limassol) aim to ONLY highlight the special aspects of this wonderful city, so that everyone can be aware of the exceptional options they offer. Under no circumstances do they have any promotional or nominal value, and they do not serve the interests of Companies, Municipalities, Organizations or Individuals.


With this slogan the presentation of All About Limassol took place in Four Seasons Ηotel. A successful event in which extinguished guests from both business and the political world have attended while proving their direct interest to a very important project for our city. 

It’s a special project which aims to promote Limassol city, its beauties and its image to the whole world (Cyprus, abroad). A project which promotes this exciting city as an ideal destination for anyone to visit, to be entertained, to live, to work and to invest. People's interest for this pioneer project was very large as well as media’s interest both local and national who covered the event. 

Mr Costas Galatariotis, President of CCI, in his opening speech said: "Because this city and district has a nice and diverse product, we considered that there was a need for an online portal, where both local and foreign tourists will be able to find everything about Limassol". Everything about the city and the district of Limassol, will be gathered in this Official Online Guide. This is the only online promotional project, which operates under the auspices of Limassol Chamber of Commerce and Industry, while maintaining a close collaboration, with important authorities such as municipalities, cultural institutions, companies, hotels, tourist agencies, etc.

The main objective of this guide is to show the world all the reasons why Limassol is considered as an excellent place to stay and why it is also considered to be one of the most attractive destinations for tourism.

All About Limassol is manned by a qualified team of professional journalists, editors, translators, photographers, graphic designers and IT programmers all with the common target of continuous updating and renewal of the site, as well as the appropriate categorization for a sufficient and more user friendly portal.

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