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The masquerades put their craze in a video and you will truly enjoy it!

Welcoming the carnival, the Limassolians' mood has actually been pinched up to the maximum. As the clock counts down the hours and days, the anticipation and curiosity to find out what has been prepared for this year’s carnival parade, grows likewise.  

This year's parade is expected to surpass any other year in variety and creativity. With numerous colors and different characters being part of the parade on February 26th, an utterly surreal scenery comes to life, generated solely by the participants' imagination.

Some of the largest teams participating in the carnival, decided to give an idea of the craziness they bring along to the parade, by preparing some very imaginative and impressive videos. Huge pandas and chess pawns come to life and dance, Colombian mafia strolls around Limassol's alleys and jokers come out of nowhere. Fortunately it's all just carnival and the only conclusion you need to make is that this kind of rare craziness can hardly be found outside of Limassol.

Check here the videos prepared by some of the largest teams that will participate in the parade.

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