The impressive sailing boat in Limassol, which was reborn from its ashes!

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It is a special superyacht that arrived in Limassol after a series of several years of adventures abroad. It is a large sailing boat, which, due to its length, it is included among the superyachts that sail the seas. It was first launched in the cold waters of Scotland in 1967, being one of the main training ships for young sailors in the UK.

It was bought and owned by several people afterwards, it was burned down, destroyed, deserted and almost completely rotten, until its present owner, based in Limassol, decided to revive it. The impressive scooter Malcolm Miller, one of the superyachts (about 50 meters long) that arrived in the Limassol Marina on the occasion of the Limassol Boat Show, in the area suitable for other boats longer than 50 meters, too. This one had to be completely rebuilt, a procedure that lasted more than a year. In 2014 it was back in the water and, after touring around the world for 18 months, now it spends a lot of time in Limassol.

This amazing sailing boat stands out for the simple touches of classy luxury. The parts of teak wood, both on its exterior and interior, the masts that shine under the sun, the gold lion head on its prow (a reference to its UK ownership in the past), the oak floors that bright up its areas, even the brass handles for opening the skylights on the deck to allow fresh air in the rooms, everything underlines the attention to detail on every aspect of its construction, so that aesthetics and functionality are equally served.

The Limassol Marina is the only superyacht marina in Cyprus, putting the country among the destinations of some of the largest boats in the world.

The sailing superyacht, which is fully equipped to host 10 guests and 6 crew members, has a lounge and a traditional, wooden dining room, as well as rooms with private bathrooms each. The boat is usually found at the Limassol harbour, at EDT Offshore facilities, still sailing under a British flag, as it originally did, even though it is based in Limassol.

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