The former glamour of the first resort in Cyprus, still present in Limassol!

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It has been an entire century since the first luxurious tourist resort in Cyprus, was established on Limassol’s mountains. The first impressive hotels, with modern facilities and amenities, changed the life in Platres, when the British discovered in 1878 the special natural beauties of Platres and they invested in turning the area into a holiday resort. Wealth, aristocracy, international personas, princes and kings, brought a whole new air in the former agricultural community.

The first hotel built in Platres was “Krya nera” (Cold water) and it first operated in 1900. “Grand Hotel” followed in 1905, “Pafsilipon” in 1912, “Helvetia” in 1915, ‘Monte Carlo” in 1920 and “Forest Park” in 1936. The hotels “Pendeli”, “Kallithea”, “Splendid”, “Petit Palais”, “Minerva”, “Spring”, “Vienna”, “Semiramis”, “New Helvetia”, “Edeweiss”, “Mount Royal” and “Lanterns” were built after 1936. “Monte Carlo” hotel had one of the largest ball rooms in Cyprus, back in the days and it hosted some glorious moments. “Forest Park” was known for its balls and the beauty pageants for Miss Cyprus.

The Cypriot expats from Egypt, who returned to their place to meet this “Paradise on earth” were wealthy enough and they were the reason for the growth of the tourism industry to begin, both in Platres and in the rest of the island. Apart from the Cypriots spending their holidays there, Platres also became a destination for international personas, members of royal families, diplomats and artists.

Platres, during their time of great glamour, hosted international personas, from King Farouk of Egypt and Princes Irene of Greece, to the Prime Minister of India, Indira Ghandi and the Nobel awarded poet, Giorgos Seferis.

During the struggle of EOKA (1955 - 1959), Platres were turned into an operational camp of the British army and the hotels were used by the military. Thus, the village seized to be a resort for tourists. After the independence, in 1960, the tourism industry did begin to grow again, until the Turkish invasion in 1974, when Platres lost the old-times glamour for good. These past few years, after the establishment of new facilities, a new wave of visitors returned to the resort.

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