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The double bridge in Trimiklini

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Limassol District hosts in a location of amazing natural beauties, the only double bridge of Cyprus. The bridge is actually the result of 2 different constructions, which would serve the transportation of people in 2 different historical periods.

The first phase of the construction was concluded in the beginning of the 20th century and specifically in 1901. Back then, it used to serve for carriages to cross through one end of Cyprus to the other. The second phase of the construction was concluded in 1917, after the appearance of the first automobile vehicles. This spot would be the connection between Limassol – Trimiklini – Troodos.

Trimiklini, being a crossing point from the very ancient times and serving the residents of the province, when visiting the urban areas, as well as the traders visiting the countryside, hosts 1 more bridge, even more ancient than the double one. The Venetian, stone built bridge, is found along the nature trail of the village, which used to be the passage to other areas.

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