The chocolate tower in Limassol that could even tempt a Saint!

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It is not just a piece, not just a dish, it is a whole tower. It is just as tempting and special as it looks – and maybe even a little bit more, since a picture lacks in flavour and smell. This desert tower is not just a great closure to a fine meal, but a true experience on its own.

It consists of 3 different tiers of unique treats, like truffles of different flavours, chocolate bites, cake bites, cream and fruits. What makes this tower even more special and delightful, though, is the large chocolate sphere on its top, which is drizzled with hot, sweet sauce until it slowly melts all over the tiers of the tower.

This special dessert has become a top choice for those visiting Epsilon Resto Bar, a restaurant that made an impression with its menu since the very first moment, receiving awards for its dishes, as well as for its venue, with a view to the Limassol Marina. The chocolate tower sure is one of these unique options the restaurant offers, which make it stand out.

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