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The 42 km on the Limassol seafront dedicated to the tragic loss of Dimitris

The 30-year old Giorgos Stavrou from Larnaca, was found running at the Limassol Marathon, honoring the memory of his brother, Dimitris, who passed away too soon after a heart attack incident, merely at the age of 32 years old. Offering through his action contributions of those who support him, to the Solidarity Fund for pauper patients in Aradippou, the 30-year old Marathon runner managed to move thousands with this decision.

The t-shirt which he ran in, had the photo of his brother and the indication "Running for my brother" printed on it. His brother Dimitris, who died on March 11th 2016, was the reason for Stavros to highlight the profoundly human character of this sporting competition. The memory of the tragically lost Dimitris became the strength of Stavros’ legs, to manage to run the 42 km of the race.

At the same time, dozens of people stood beside him, rewarding his effort and contributing to the cause he sought to serve with his struggle. So, apart from those who were beside him along the coastal way in Limassol, there were many others that contributed to increase the amount Stavros wanted to connect with the memory of the person he loved so dearly. This memorial of 42 km in the spring time Limassol, eventually became a message of optimism and humanity.

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