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The 20 + 1 largest teams for the Grand Parade in Limassol Carnival 2017

A draw took place in the presence of the carnival team representatives and other authorities at the Town Hall, for the line up of the teams participating at the carnival parade. Within the final line up 20 + 1 largest teams stood out, with more than 250 people  participating.   

From the list of the 21 teams with the most carnival participants, the 3 biggest teams reach 500 participants, with the “smaller” teams to being already at 250 participants. It is assumed that the top list will be enriched with 4 more teams, which already have 200 carnival participants.

Having in mind the habit that we own as a people, to always arrange things at last minute, it won’t be strange at all, if in the end the list with the biggest teams reaches more than 25 participant teams. The only thing that is certain is that unforgettable moments await those who will parade, as well as those who will watch the parade, with the participation of the crowd increasing, day by day.

Here is the list with the largest teams at the Limassol Carnival 2017:

1.Asterix – Obelix – Cleopatra (350)
2.Dinagyang festival (300)
3.Zorro  (300)
4.Lucky St Patrick’s (400)
5.Τhe Longstocking (250)
6.Dogface (300)
7.Suicide Squad (300)
8.The Fat Apache (400)
9.Roi Mat (300)
10.Pablo Escobar & friends (300)
11.Tom & Jerry (250)
12.Prom Night (280)
13.Out of Africa (300)
14.Assasin’s Creed (250)
15.Cotton Candy (450)
16.Space Looney tunes (500)
17.Limassol Red Bull (500)
18.Pandas (400)
19.Mundial (250)
20.Pokemon Go (300)
21.Batman & Batwoman (500)

Check out here the videos by 5 of the largest teams.

…important presence from teams with 200 people approximately!

22.Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs (200)
23.Subway Surfers (200)
24.Donors of Love (200)
25.Candy Kings & Limassol Sweethearts (200)

Check out here the entire line up for all the teams.


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