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The 11th Limassol Marathon broke all records!

Impressive are the numbers of the runners who participated in the 2 days of the 11th organization of the OPAP Limassol Marathon GSO 2017. With approximately 15000 people of all ages competing on March 18th and 19th, the Marathon entered its second decade with a most festive manner, being an institution with a steadily rising trend.

On the first day of the event, on Saturday March 18th, 10000 people participated in the Primetel 5 km Corporate Race and the children’s 1km race. Along with the runners that ran on Sunday March 19th in the racing events of the 10 km race, the Semi-marathon and Marathon, the participation reached 15000 people in total.

Another record was broken by this year's event, which attracted athletes from 61 countries in total. About 2000 runners arrived from Asia, America, Africa, exclusively for this event. The record of the Marathon race, which is 2:13.29 and stands since 2010, remained intact, since the Kiyeng Edwin Kiprop from Kenya finished first with a time of 2:15:04, which deprived him the bonus of €4000, following a new record.

Joeal Maina Mwangi won the Half Marathon finishing at 1:02:52 and recording a new race record, with the Hungarian Laszlo Gregor coming second (1:06:30) and the Czech Ondrej Fejfar (1:08:25) third. New race record for women was hit by Stella Jep Barsosio (1:09:31) from Kenya, with the Russian Lindsy James (1:27:31) coming second and Katarina Pohlod (1:31:43) third.

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