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Taverns with fire in Limassol, for winter delights in the city!

Taverns are a special choice when you want to go out in the city, since they combine favorite traditional flavors, a cozy atmosphere and delicious meze. Creating corners in their dining areas perfect for winter, 7 taverns in the city, light up their fireplaces and wood stoves and welcome you in a cozy atmosphere.

Thus, Limassol, consistent with its appointment for fun and good food, has beautiful places, even for the coldest winter days. Each one is a special choice, with unique elements and dishes that satisfy every taste.

Traditional or even more modern, the 7 taverns are recommended in the city and invite you to unforgettable dining experiences, along with your friends.


1. Peri tis Ousias Mezedakia

The modern and the old, blend greatly in this cozy tavern, which is located in a traditional neighborhood in Polemidia. In its place you will be impressed by the touches of the Cypriot tradition, the friendly atmosphere and of course the warmth of the fire that comes out of the fireplace. The tavern Peri tis Ousias, offers exquisite meze, as well as live music every Friday and Saturday, by a talented young group.

Address: 138, Panagias Evaggelistrias Street, Kato Polemidia
Contact number: 25 715 713
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2. Skourovinnos

With traditional meze and original delicacies, made with special mastery and passion, as well as with a distinct interior decoration, which perfectly fits the character of a tavern, Skrourovinnos, retains a unique tasting experience each evening. The area is ideal for the cold winter nights, as the fire from the fireplace and the stone of the building, will keep you the best warm company. You will find the tavern in Agios Athanasios district, behind the small church of the village.

Address: Feidia & Polixenis Diamanti
Contact number: 25 720 692
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3. Eparxiaki

Eparxiaki creates a wonderful setting, where you can find everything you need, from the flavors, to the decoration and the live music. The fireplace, as well as the traditional wood oven, warm the place, which is housed in a building totally made of stone, with a traditional yard and a spectacular view. The tavern offers delicious mezes from the Cypriot and Greek cuisine, satisfying even the most demanding customers.

Address: 27, Agias Paraskevis Street, Germasogeia
Contact number: 7007 4444
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4. Forsos

The evening excursions upon the hill at Mouttagiaka area, which leads to Forsos Tavern, compensate you with the best way, filling your night with authentic scents and flavors. The tavern, keeping the fine quality and the friendly service unaltered for many years, finds the way to satisfy you each time, offering seasonal meze for every taste.

Address: Agiou Eleftheriou Street, Mouttagiaka
Contact number: 25 329 490
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5. Aristoteleion

Aristoteleion is a modern tavern with traditional elements, located in a beautiful restored 19th-century building. You will find the place at the Medieval Castle area, at the historical city center, ready to offer you an excellent variety of seafood and meats. The venue will warm you with the wood stove inside, while on Fridays and Saturdays, you have the chance to have fun with live music and traditional sounds, from folk and rebetiko songs.

Address: Dimitri Mitropoulou Street, Medieval Castle
Contact number: 25 334 444
More information here.

6. Salomi

In an impressive area with a big yard, Salomi tavern serves Cypriot and Greek dishes made from the recipes of the family. You will be impressed by the decoration with the traditional elements, the fantastic floor, as well as the location, which offers you quiet and enjoyable moments. The tavern has a fireplace in the interior and every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, hosts live music for more fun.

Address: 1, Kyriakou Matsi Street, Agios Tichonas
Contact number: 25 332 880
More information here.

7. Baxes

Baxes is the new venue in the city, offering tasty plates in a traditional atmosphere. With a stone-built construction, 1 wood stove and 1 fireplace, in 2 different rooms, the interior of the tavern prepares in the warmest way, your entertainment. You will distinguish it for the authentic recipes and the fresh ingredients from local producers, as well as for its own wine, available in a bottle. Every Friday and Saturday, it accompanies your night out with live music.

Address: 1st April Street, Agia Fila
Contact number: 25 771 001

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