35 options for you to enjoy fish and seafood, both in and outside the city of Limassol!

* NOTE: All the tributes of All About Limassol (as the Official Guide of Limassol) aim to ONLY highlight the special aspects of this wonderful city, so that everyone can be aware of the exceptional options they offer. Under no circumstances do they have any promotional or nominal value, and they do not serve the interests of Companies, Municipalities, Organizations or Individuals.

Fish and seafood are a true delight enjoyed by many, and in Limassol this constitutes a reason for short trips and excursions, though the options within the city are also plenty.

Restaurants and taverns either near the sea or in the heart of the city, closer or remote from the city center, are included in these options, so that you can choose what suits you best, when you have an appetite for fish meze and seafood.

From one end of the Limassol district to the other, beautiful taverns and restaurants prepare their dishes daily, offering flavors, images and aromas that make up the ultimate Mediterranean experience.

In the city...

1. Oasis Fish Restaurant

Delicious fish dishes and seafood are served in a magnificent setting that most certainly whets your appetite. Oasis fish restaurant at Lady's Mile beach will offers you an incredibly tasty culinary experience alongside sea, sand and sun.

Address: Lady’s Mile Beach
Contact number: 99 888871

2. Captain’s Cabin

The food here is offered in a relaxed setting by the sea, on the coast of Lady's Mile beach. From salads and snacks, to seafood and fish on grill, Captain's Cabin has everything you need for a happy day at the beach combined with some tasty seafood.

Address: Lady’s Mile Beach
Contact number: 96 304050

3. Kavourotrypa

Located at a short distance from the Limassol port, Kavourotripa has been a standout option for 2 decades, thanks to the quality of its menu offerings. Kyriakos and Andreas, the owners, cook up whatever the local fishing boats haul in on a daily basis, without ever using frozen fish or seafood.

Address: 44 Serifou Street, Zakaki
Contact number: 25 390372, 99 619694

4. Glaros fish tavern

Carrying on a 40+ year tradition, Glaros offers a daily menu with plenty of fresh fish and seafood, both for lunch and dinner. Both its meze and its traditional dishes have had enthusiastic fans through the years.

Address: 31 Indira Ghandi Street
Contact number: 99 357049

5. Fish Gallery (Πλατεία Ηρώων)

In the heart of the city, just steps from the historic Heroe’s Square, the Fish Gallery offers a menu with interesting varieties of fish and seafood, for an enjoyable dinner any day of the week.

Address: 45 Stasinou Street
Contact number: 99 105003

6. Ocean Basket (My Mall)

A convenient option for a daily meal, Ocean Basket offers a menu that combines dishes with fish and seafood, both fried an grilled, as well as sushi.

Address: My Mall
Contact number: 25 392574

7. Pyxida (Limassol Marina)

Overlooking the impressive anchorage of the Limassol Marina, this restaurant has become one of the most prestigious destinations for lovers of fish and seafood dishes. Eclectic flavors, inspired by local and international cuisine, are served in an elegant setting where tradition meets modern comforts. 

Address: Μαρίνα Λεμεσού
Contact number: 25 051200

8. The Fish Market (Old Port)

The Limassol Old Port is the city’s main harbor, home to several fishing boats. Just a few steps from these boats is the Fish Market, where the aromas of the sea are transported to the table, with a varied menu of Mediterranean inspiration. 

Address: Old Port
Contact number: 25 022377

9. Afxentis Fish Restaurant (Historical Center)

One of the most established destinations for fish and seafood in the historical center of Limassol, this restaurant enjoys a daily supply of fresh fish and seafood, all cooked with finesse and artistry.

Address: 118, Angyras Street
Contact number: 25 352242

10. Old Neighbourhood Fish Tavern (Historical Center)

A well-known secret for lovers of fish, this tavern may be small but it is nothing short of miraculous. Just a few minutes from the Medieval Castle of Limassol, with flourishes reminiscent of the old neighborhood, it prepares fresh fish and seafood daily using recipes that are a testament to a love for the sea and the island’s traditional cuisine. 

Address: 14, 118, Angyras Street
Contact number: 99 469102

11. The Local Fish and Meat (Castle Square)

Located in the Medieval Castle Square in Limassol, this restaurant has shown equal love for fish and meat in its menu offering. As such, seafood lovers will find a large variety of dishes, both traditional and with a more modern flair. 

Address: Castle Square
Contact number: 25 340590

12. Neo Faliron (City center)

Situated in one of the city’s most central streets, Neo Phaliron is a restaurant with 40+ years of tradition, offering visitors choice fish and seafood options, which can be cooked to their preference. 

Address: 135, Gladstonos Street
Contact number: 25 341742

13. ‘Sartzis’ Fish Tavern (Kapsalos)

In the Kapsalos area, this fish tavern has a familial, neighborhood atmosphere and serves the public daily with fish and seafood dishes.

Address: 146 Agias Filaxeos Street
Contact number: 25 381802

14. The Fisherman's house (City center)

This hybrid venue, whose name means ‘The House of the Fisherman,’ operates both as a fish market and a restaurant. Offering a wide variety of fresh fish, it can cover the needs of any household, and is also a convenient option for a meal in the city.

Address: 2 Lambrou Porfyra Street
Contact number: 97 689906

15. Petrochtisto (Mesa Yitonia)

Located in Mesa Yitonia, this traditional fish tavern prepares meze meals from Greek and Cypriot cuisine with a focus on seafood dishes. The stone-built house creates an intimate and cozy atmosphere which further enhances the enjoyable experience. 

Address: 22, Georgiou Neophytou Str.
Contact number: 25 583099

16. Akteon (Seafront, Akti Olympion)

With a view of the Akti Olympion beach, this beachfront restaurant offers visitors a selection of full and meze dishes, in a modern, comfortable setting. Beyond its interesting flavor offerings, its short distance from the city center makes it an ultimately convenient option. 

Address: 28th Oktober Street, Marina Court
Contact number: 7000 9010, 99 430122

17. La Mer (Seafront, GSO)

Situated next to the GSO Athletic Center, this recently renovated restaurant offers a rich menu, with flavors from the Mediterranean and international cuisine, which includes interesting options for fish and seafood, as well as sushi. 

Address: October 28th, Elpa Court (next to GSO Sports Center)
Contact number: 25 375700

18. Fat Fish (Seafront, Agios Athanasios)

With a view of the Limassol seaside, this restaurant offers a wide range of fish and seafood, all ideally paired with fine wine. Its desert options are the ‘icing on the cake’ of an enjoyable meal, while those seeking variety will also find many options other than seafood to enjoy. 

Address: Promachon Eleftherias
Contact number: 25 828181

19. NOA Beach Seafood Restaurant (Seafront, Yermasoyia)

NOA (Famagusta Nautical Club) has been operating for many years on the coastal line of Limassol, offering good food and relaxation on one of the busiest beaches in the city, with excellent seafood and refreshing dishes.

Address: 3, Promachon Eleftherias, Agios Athanasios
Contact number: 25 324056

20. High Chaparral Restaurant (Yermasoyia tourist area)

One of the most famous spots for gourmands who love fish and seafood in Limassol, this restaurant accompanies the flavors and aromas of the sea with a view of the infinite blue that surrounds Limassol. For many, the restaurant name has become synonymous with fresh fish, while its tradition has remained steadfast for some 50 years, and this is just one of the many reasons that make it worth trying. 

Address: 106Α Vasileos Georgiou A'
Contact number: 25 321576

21. Trata fish tavern (Tourist area)

A fish tavern located near the bustling tourist area of Limassol, Trata is a daily option for dinner, while on Sundays it also operates for lunch. Its menu features fresh fish and seafood.

Address: 4 Iakovou Tombazis Street
Contact number: 25 586600

22. Puesta Oyster (Agios Tychon)

Following the philosophy of a bar & grill, Puesta Oyster has managed to create the idyllic setting of a lounge bar overlooking the Limassol sea, combined with delicious flavors of seafood, shellfish and fish. Whether you choose to visit for a drink or coffee, or a full meal for lunch or dinner, the diversity of the menu as well as the location are sure to impress. 

Address: 42, Amathountas Avenue
Contact number: 25 329040

23. Old Limassol (Amathus seaside walkway)

The Old Limassol fish tavern offers fresh fish literally on the seafront, as it is located on the Amathounta pedestrian walkway. Its short distance from the city and the serenity of the area make it an ideal option for lunch and dinner, as well as for hot or cold beverages from the bar.

Address: Amathus Walkway
Contact number: 25 321047

24. Pasalimani fish tavern (Agios Tychon)

With a view to the sea of Amathus, this fish tavern is a classic seaside destination in Limassol. It may be relatively close to the city, but this balcony, situated merely a few steps away from the sea, makes you feel as if you were in an isolated beach.

Address: Amathountos Avenue
Contact number: 25 321494

25. Limanaki Fish Restaurant (Amathus Hotel)

Recognized as the top restaurant for fish and seafood in Cyprus for more than 30 years, the Limanaki Fish Restaurant is located literally just a few steps from the sea at the Amathus Hotel. Its success is based on the fact that every fish on the menu is freshly caught on the same day. The restaurant operates from May until October. 

Address: Amathus Hotel
Contact number: 25 832000

26. PlusSea (Agios Tychon)

In the comfortable and idyllic environment of PlusSea, apart from the refreshing cocktails and the international cuisine options, there is also a wide selection of seafood and fish, for one to enjoy with a breath-taking view of the sea.

Address: 5, Amathountos Avenue
Contact number: 25 634995

27. Islands

Surrounded by water, on the edge of a beautiful garden and beneath tall palm trees, Islands is one of the more special venues of the Parklane, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, with its seating area spreads across beautiful, wooden docks that are perched above the pool which surrounds the restaurant. The menu is updated regularly, as it is based on fresh fish, such as grouper from Kos or mullet from Rhodes.

Address: Parklane, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa
Contact number:25 862000

28. Koursaros Firsh Tavern (Parekklisia)

This tavern, located in Parekklisia village, is among the few dining options that focus exclusively on fresh fish and seafood, offering a large variety of recipes and combinations. In this beautiful environment within a restored, stone-built building with a picturesque yard, you may enjoy fresh fish and even create a fish meze of your choice, selecting from the many options on the menu. Fresh mussels, crayfish, lobster pasta and saganaki are some the menu’s more popular options.

Address: 1, Kyriakou Matsi Street
Contact number: 25 636069, 99 638367

In the countryside…

29. Melanda (Avdimou)

Melanda tavern, just 15 minutes from the city, is located at Avdimou Bay, and boasts magnificent views of the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean. Combine your visit with a wonderful excursion around the area and, upon arrival at the tavern, enjoy fresh fish, seafood and dishes from the Mediterranean cuisine.

Contact number: 99 565 336

30. Yialos (Pissouri)

Yialos Tavern has been preparing fish and seafood for years. It is located at Pissouri Bay, and combines delicious flavours with an impressive natural landscape. In addition to seafood, its menu offers plenty of other Mediterranean dishes as well.

Address: 1, Ithakis Street
Contact number: 25 221 747

31. Agios Georgios Alamanou

One of the most well-known fish taverns, a few minutes away from the city, Agios Georgios Alamanou is located next to the beach and the popular, white rocks of the area, with an unobstructed view of the sea. With a big outdoor and indoor space, it offers fish platters, pasta and seafood for a complete taste experience.

Address: Agios Georgios Alamanos (Pentakomo exit from the highway)
Contact number: 25 633 634

32. Akti Sofroniou (Governor’s Beach)

Akti Sofroniou is located at Governor's Beach, in an idyllic location by the sea, featuring a garden and grassy area. The venue welcomes you in a Mediterranean setting that is sure to satisfy your expectations with delicious fish meze and à la carte dishes.

Address: Governor’s Beach
Contact number: 25 632 312

33. Faros (Governor’s Beach)

Delicious seafood dishes are what is on offer at Faros Restaurant, which is situated on one of the most beautiful beaches in Limassol. Just a few meters from the sea, with a big outdoor area featuring garden and grass, it’s a great choice for tasty pleasures for the whole family.

Address: 5, Griva Digeni, Governor’s Beach
Contact number: 25 632 552

34. Panayiotis Governor’s Beach

At Panayiotis Governor’s Beach, you will enjoy your fish with an unobstructed view of the sea at this beautiful location on Governor's Beach. The restaurant is located on a small hill above the beach, and besides seafood, you will also enjoy the amazing natural landscape and the white rocks of the area.

Address: 1, Stratigou Floraki Street
Contact number: 25 632 315

35. Adamos Fish Tavern (Governor’s Beach)

 Located on one of the most famous beaches of Governor’s Beach, this fish tavern has become beloved for its delicious fish and seafood dishes. From classic calamari to imaginative prawn creations, Adamos Fish Tavern has been offering its patrons a taste of the Mediterranean Sea for years

Address: Governor's beach
Contact number: 25 632410