Symposio Tavern: Cypriot cuisine, with fresh ingredients straight from the garden!

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In one of Limassol’s most well-known wine villages, at an altitude of 880 meters, a traditional tavern has drawn attention, both within Cyprus and from abroad. Featuring its own garden, with a traditional wood-burning oven, used to cook ‘kleftiko’ meat for 18 hours, and boasting unique dishes with fresh greens and wild mushrooms sourced locally from the fields, this Symposium is on par with the ones that took place in Ancient Greece.

In a stone – built, restored village house, with its own yard that leads to its garden, Symposio Tavern in Pelendri offers a menu with traditional flavors of the local cuisine, made with seasonal ingredients of its own production. Mr Nicos, who has 35 years of experience in the industry and is a true connoisseur of tasty meze dishes, grows his own fruits and vegetables, and also takes every opportunity to collect seasonal produce from the surrounding forest and fields, which he uses in his dishes.

Apart from the wild mushrooms he grills for his guests, he also makes sure to add extra flavour to many dishes, using the rare and expensive morchella mushrooms (one of his specialties is homemade ravioli with morchella). The ravioli and the 18-hour ‘kleftiko’ meat are just some of the delicacies offered by the tavern, which also boasts homemade bread and olive oil, as well as fresh vegetables for salads, which are handpicked in the garden by the guests themselves before being chopped up in their dish, as well as eggs from the house chickens. The dessert, a special baklava made in-house or homemade pastries with carob syrup, as well as fresh, seasonal fruits from the garden. All this and more make up just some of the reasons people keep going back to this tavern for more.

The community park, opposite the tavern, is a great place for kids, while the tavern garden provides opportunities for younger guests to become acquainted with local birds such as quails, and ride the tavern’s horse.

If you are planning a visit during the weekend, you should definitely make a reservation, as early as in the beginning of the week, by calling 99 404 348.

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