Symposio Guest Houses

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In a village that is home to the only church in the province of Limassol that has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site, a traditional neighborhood of beautifully restored cottages has been created. This neighborhood will take you on a journey through life in the country, and allow you to discover its unique wonders.

These 3 stone-built cottages, with their picturesque, paved courtyards and pretty balconies, equipped with fireplaces and wood-burning stoves, are located just a few meters from ‘Symposio,’one of the most well-known taverns of the village. The owners themselves have undertaken the meticulous décor of the cottages, furnishing them in the same traditional style as the tavern’s dining area. In this way, they offer a welcoming retreat to those who wish to enjoy the tranquility, the natural environment, and the traditions of the area.

The guest houses are 2 stories high, and offer all amenities necessary for guests enjoy ultimate relaxation in the serenity of the countryside. They are open to couples, groups of friends and even families, as they also boast a fully equipped kitchen for those who need it. This is an ideal choice for those who love discovering the beauty of the countryside, thanks to its close proximity to the attractions of the surrounding area, and the ability to explore the village by foot. 

Address: Pelendri
Contact Number: 99 236425