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Sun Valley: A restaurant on the highest spot in Cyprus!

At a 1900-meter altitude, on the highest spot in Cyprus, you can breathe some fresh air, enjoy the view of the tallest pine trees, walk in the forest, as well as have a taste of some amazing, traditional Cypriot dishes in a special place. The reason for this is the fact that a restaurant on the top of Olympus peak is making fulfilling dishes, ideal to complement a trip to the mountains.

In a small glade, where there is a ski slide in the winter and a cool refuge for those who cannot deal with the temperature by the sea in the summer, there is the restaurant Sun Valley. Even though it is less than 1 hour away from Limassol, reaching this place makes you feel like you have travelled to a parallel universe, with around 20 degrees’ cooler temperature than the city’s. At a location that allows you to get in touch with nature, leaving behind any element of human presence, this restaurant is an attractive option, especially if it follows a walk in the forest, to pinch your appetite.

Daily, until 6 pm, you will find well-cooked dishes, from moussaka and stew to the traditional souvlaki. The fulfilling portions are perfect for those who are really hungry, but the ones who would simply prefer a light bite, can go for a sandwich, a snack or even a dessert with their coffee. Sundays are even more special, with ‘kleftiko’ coming out of the traditional wood-oven and meat on the spit rotating over the fire from early on.

The open-air sitting area is perfect for its guests to cool-off in the summer (with a light cardigan possibly necessary), while there is a covered dining area for the wither.

Contact number: 25 420 165

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