Stretto Café Lounge Bar: A warm and inviting art-deco space with a view of the Medieval Castle!

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Cozily nestled within the row of the listed warehouses that make up the Lanitis Carob Mill Complex, this elegant hangout offers drinks and light dishes in a trendy and vibrant environment. Its central location in the Castle Square makes Stretto Café Lounge Bar an ideal spot for enjoying a relaxed coffee or drink against the majestic backdrop of the Limassol Medieval Castle.

Housed in a restored, stone-built building dating back to the 20th century, Stretto Café Lounge Bar has followed in the footsteps of its adjacent sister restaurant, Artima Bistro, and undergone a refurbishment in 2019. The 2 venues, which are adjoined via a raised walkway above the space, now share a distinctly art-deco vibe. The lounge bar has been outfitted with colorful, comfortable armchairs upholstered in velvet, while the décor features wooden and metallic flourishes against the stone-built walls, as well as an abundance of live greenery, giving the space an aura of approachable luxury and warm elegance.

The menu of Stretto Café Lounge Bar, which offers the same high-quality guests have come to expect from the Carob Mill Restaurants, boasts an extensive list of classic and signature cocktails, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, including teas, coffees, and smoothies. For guests seeking a bit more in terms of sustenance, a variety of light dishes, from brunch options, sandwiches, and salads to sushi, pasta and meat, and fish dishes are all available. Guests with a sweet tooth can also sample delectable desserts, such as baked cheesecake or goat cheese custard.

The lounge bar is open all day, making it ideal for both business lunch meetings as well as a late afternoon coffee, following a stroll through the Castle Square.

Address: Berengaria Str., Castle Square
Contact number: 25820465