Street Life Festival 2018: Amazing images from a festival full of surprises!

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When a city grows constantly, attracting more and more people from other cities and countries, there is always a threat of becoming distant, lonely and strange. Limassol’s people’s temperament proved to be the antidote for such a case.

When you have spent an entire day in the city’s central streets, enjoying the light and the colours, the vibe and the smiles of the 11th Street Life Festival, you know that, when Limassolians unite for something good, it turns out really good. With dozens thousands of people passing by, dozens of businesses from Limassol supporting the event, numerous artists – professionals or amateurs – putting all their love and talent in all the events featuring the festival, this image can only inspire optimism.

Among Limassol’s greatest advantages are its people, after all. This beautiful festival did start thanks to a few of these people 11 years ago, gaining the support of the Municipality and moving on to gain the trust of more and more people every year. Now, more and more businessmen, artists and associations participate and support this annual event, proving the indeed “united we stand”. The event spread to the University Square this year, one of the University’s parking areas became a fun area for kids and even more walls were filled with colours and creativity. In this spirit of unity, with love for the city, Limassol can become better and better every day.

As for the Street Life Festival, even if it happens just 1 day per year, the amazing graffiti created in the city center will be a reminder to locals and visitors of all that positive thinking and acts can bring to our lives.

Check out the flashback for trhe 10-year anniversary of the event here, through an interview with its initiators.


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