15 spots in Limassol for choosing and enjoying amazing sweet delights!

* NOTE: All the tributes of All About Limassol (as the Official Guide of Limassol) aim to ONLY highlight the special aspects of this wonderful city, so that everyone can be aware of the exceptional options they offer. Under no circumstances do they have any promotional or nominal value, and they do not serve the interests of Companies, Municipalities, Organizations or Individuals.

With impressive looks and flavors, sweet tastes, enchanting aromas and genuine ingredients, these spots create the delicious sweets that are offered all year around, in every corner of Limassol.

With traditional flavors, but also recipes from all over the world, 15 places that specialize in the confectionery and bakery industry offer their products and invite you for delicious purchases. In that way every moment turns sweeter and more special.

It is no coincidence, after all, that every celebration is connected to something sweet. Cream, chocolate, syrup, pastry, all of them are brought together in amazing combinations that make even ordinary day feel like a holiday. Reading below, you will find out where to go in Limassol, when it’s time for something this special.

Sweets on the spot or take away…

1. Colors Café – Four Seasons

Luxurious and modern, the venue offers an outstanding variety of homemade ice cream with 19 flavors, cakes, muffins, pastries, as well as the well-known croissants, which hold the first place worldwide as the best in their kind. Combine them with coffee, cocktails and light meals on the spot, or enjoy them through the take away service.

Address: 67-69 Amathounta Avenue, Ayios Tihonas
Contact number: 25 858 000

2. Pralina Confectioneries

The venue, along with the special sweets, leads you to a complete tasting experience. The fantastic sweet treats, such as the famous Pralinakia, the brownies, the biscuits, the sweets and the cakes, are perfectly accompanied by the fine circular lines and the high aesthetics of the venue. You have the opportunity to enjoy the sweets twice, either at the Pralina area along with coffee, drinks or a meal, or with the take away service.

Contact number: 25 355 336
Address: 224, Makariou Avenue III


3. La Galerie Pattiserie (Galactica)

Its outstanding cakes, in any design and size you can imagine, and the wide variety of sweets and cakes, such as the authentic Rhodian loukoumi and the Royal Tart, the unique tart with 6 different flavors, make its menu stand out. Don’t forget to try the truffles chocolates and the pieces of Belgian chocolate that help you make hot chocolate at the moment.

Address: 53, Makariou Avenue, Mesa Geitonia
Contact number: 25 570 666

4.  Sweet Nest

With 2 stores in Limassol, Sweet Nest confectionaries have been specialized to unique flavors since 1990. They are active in the confectionery, ice cream and bakery sector, offering everything you need for the most delicious tastes. With excellent quality products, they take orders for different social occasions, having at the same time delivery services.

Addresses: 1) 18, Kolonakiou Street, Linopetra 2) 159, Leontiou Α' Street
Contact numbers: 1) 25 313 440  2) 25 359 2449244

5. Wilton

More than 25 years, fine sweets, confectionery and related products, accompany the Wilton patisserie, which is established as one of the strongest names in the pastry industry. With 3 stores in Limassol, it offers all kinds of sweets, 3D birthday and christening cakes, along with beloved sweets that stood out such as the profiterole, the ecler and the small bites of almond.

Addresses: 1) 34, Kolonakiou Street, Linopetra  2) 111, Likavou Street, Agia Fyla  3) 55, Nikou Pattichi Street
Contact numbers: 1) 25 320 420  2) 25 388 266  3) 25 734 040

6. New York Sweets

Owning 3 stores with impressive bright areas, New York Sweets stands out for its cosmopolitan delights and original recipes. They offer an endlessly variety of delicacies and they stand out for their homemade biscuits, the unique sweets, the brownies, the muffins and the ice creams. With an emphasis on healthy life, patisseries have introduced to their menu the range of heathy and fasting nutrition, for those who follow special nutritional habits.

Addresses: 1) 216A, Makariou Avenue  2) 14B, Panayioti Tsangari, Germasogia  3) 7, Michail Herakleous, Agios Athanasios
Contact numbers: 1) 25 368 506  2) 25 311 716  3) 25 558 840

7. Croquelino

With a renewed and fresh look, Croquelino welcomes its customers in its venue, located on one of the city's busiest streets. For a while now the store is recommended with a fantastic brand new concept, offering 4 different services that offer confectionary products, cellar with special wines, delicatessen with cold meat and cheeses, as well as aromatic coffees. At the shop you will find irresistibly delicious sweets and savories, cakes, as well as special chocolates of its own production.

Address: 197, Agias Fylaxeos
Contact number: 25 734 444

8. Deluxe

The distinctive traditional bicycle in black color that adorns the interior of the Deluxe, it also witnesses the years of the store’s operation. Thus, for 45 years, the patisserie offers unique traditional sweet and savory tastes, keeping the aromas and ingredients authentic. It’s distinguished for its Rhodian loukoumi made with various ways (with almond, pistachio or even), for the sweets made in Lebanese pie, but also for its excellent cakes.

Address: 11, Nikou Pattichi Street
Contact number: 25 333 885

9. Sweet Taste

Sweet Taste began its operation in Limassol, 3 decades ago, as a small confectionery. Today, 25 years later, passing from generation to generation, it keeps the tradition to the taste, offering the sweetest tastes. In its place you will find genuine Cypriot sweets, individual pieces, as well as a variety of Italian, French and Greek sweets.

Address: 97A, 10th Road, Kato Polemidia
Contact number: 25 732 231

10. Katianna  

In a warm and welcoming place, you will find the family owned patisserie Katianna, which has been operating in Limassol since 1992. With creative touches that gives a special sense, it provides to its customers all the kinds of sweet delights for every occasion, from biscuits, tarts, to cakes and treats.

Address: 8, Giannou Kranidioti
Contact number: 25 338 860

Patisseries — Bakeries

11. Ermis

Ermis owns 2 shops in Limassol, which they offer delicious tastes for every hour of the day. The new venue at Omonoias Street will fascinate you with its trendy lines and impressive black colors, while both the stores of the brand will fully satisfy you with their products, from sweets, savories, tarts, cakes up to different kinds of bread and pastries.

Addresses: 1) 29A, Omonoias Street  2) 80, Kolonakiou, Linopetra
Contact number: 25 560 121

12. Zorbas

Zorbas stores have been active in the bakery and confectionery sector, actively presenting in the city constant additions to their range of products. On a daily basis, the stores offer pastries, sweets, cakes, savories as well as delicious biscuits. You can find the products of Zorbas chain in more than 10 stores in Limassol.

Addresses: 1) 23, Pafou Street, Omonoia  2) 95, Agias Fylaxeos, Kapsalos
Contact numbers: 8000 0600 1) 25 877 314  2) 25 738 331

13. Sigma

Sigma bakeries transfer from generation to generation the know-how and the love for bakery and confectionery. Today, with 12 stores in the city, they offer a wide variety of products, establishing their name as one of the biggest in the industry. In their stores you will find all kinds of savories, traditional sweets, cakes, as well as delicious cookies and biscuits.

Addreeses: 1) 1, Amathountos Avenue & Ariadnis Street  2) 123, Nikou Pattichi, Polemidia (Close to Polemidia roundabout) 
Contact number:  7777 80 70

14. Sunfresh

Starting as a single bakery store in Limassol, Sunfresh has expanded and is now able to count 10 different stores in the city. Offering a big variety of bakery and confectionery every day, they satisfy each taste in modern and comfortable places. Traditional sweets with syrup, biscuits, treats and different kinds of bread, are some of what you can find in the well-known chain.

Addresses: 1) 270, Franklin Roosevelt  2) 154, Agias Fylaxeos
Contact numbers: 1) 25 500 200  2) 25 500 220

15. Papantoniou

With a fresh approach to the daily needs of bakery and sweet tastes, Papantoniou offers in a pleasant place in the western Limassol, products such as sweets, savories and bread, which are constantly enhanced with new flavors and ideas from all over the world.

Address: 49, Pafou Street
Contact number: 25 577 600