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10 special places in Limassol for amazing entertainment with children!

From infants to adolescence, children are looking for ways to give way to their energy and imagination. Limassol, responding to the needs of fun and play of its young friends, offers countless choices and different activities for all tastes, which children can enjoy along with their parents.

Theme parks in the city and the province have become the ideal setting for unique adventures, knowing from the magical world of nature and the animal life, to the mysteries of the life in Cyprus in day of the past. With a visit, both children and adults, escape from the reality and manage to travel to different spaces, utterly entertaining.

​With a special emphasis to the development of imagination and skills, as well as the socializing through collaboration, the places listed below can only become favorite destinations for any time of the year.

1. Masterland

Masterland is a kid-sized indoor replica of a city, with buildings, paved streets, vehicles and even its own currency. In this special theme park, the children behave and act like adults, in order to understand the world they are growing into, with 70 different professions in perfectly realistic conditions.

Address: 48, Spyrou Kyprianou Avenue
Contact number: 25 310 012

2. Pony Park

A thematic park with ponies, with trampoline, ranch and inflatables, especially situated for children. The kids can enjoy rides in the park along with the ponies, while for the adults a cozy cafeteria inside the venue is provided for relaxation. The area is also suitable for children with special difficulties, since the contact with the ponies is indicated to be extremely beneficial.

Address: Kosta Koralli 3, Tsiflikoudia
Contact number: 7000 7000

3. TwoWaves Club

TwoWaves Club is a destination of a different entertainment, offering alternative dives and water games. In its area, a surfing simulator has been installed, as well as a special pool that creates artificial waves at a controlled speed. In the same venue there are conventional pools for relaxation and also a restaurant with a full food menu.

Address: 6, Ariadnes Street, Muttayiaka
Contact number: 25 256 929

4. Cyprus Land

The thematic park “Cyprus Land” takes you back to the medieval period, offering you joyful moments of play with the 3D model of the island, knight fights, archery, pottery and glass workshops. Children, adults and people with special difficulties can enjoy amazing moments of fun with interactive games of another era.

Address: 12, Andokidou Street, Yermasoyia
Contact number: 97 846 367

5. My Mall – Ice Skating

The impressive My Mall near to the city center, offers an alternative choice for those who love skating and thrilling ice figures, with its ice skating rink. The area of the ice skating rink is located under the ground floor of the mall, and features individual and group skating classes for beginners.

Address: 285, Franklin Roosevelt Avenue
Contact number: 25 713 305

6. Fasouri Waterpark Watermania

Fasouri Waterpark Watermania is one of the biggest theme parks of Limassol and Cyprus, dominated by water. The waterpark lies on an enormous area of more than 100,000 square meters, with impressive slides, 30 different water games, 2 restaurants and 3 cafeterias. From morning till night, it is the ideal destination for the summer season for families, children and friends groups.

Address: Tserkezoi, Fasouri Area
Contact number: 25 714 235

7. The Land of Dreams

The “Land of Dreams” consists of a very unique area in the village of Trimiklini, with a magnificent lake of distinctive colors, wooden cottages with a Russian sauna, restaurant and children's play area. From the possibility of fishing to the process of collecting your own food by hand, the area is the ideal destination for alternative activities and excursions to nature, for children and the whole family.

Address: 7, Costi Christofi Street, Trimiklini
Contact number: 99 515 497

8. Adventure Mountain Park

At “Adventure Mountain Park”, between nature and a beautiful green mountain landscape, fun never stops. With exciting activities for every taste, from climbing, archery, to paintball and laser tag, adrenaline is constantly high. A the area there is also an ice rink for persons aged 8 years and over, as well as one of the most organized camp sites on the island.

Address: Kyperounta
Contact numbers:  97 772 177. 99 674 126

9. Galactica

An amazing multiplex venue of entertainment that will excite you with its diversity. The “Galactica” has a playground with recreational activities for children under 10 years old, a special room with video games, bowling for children and adults and an amazing Luna Park with carousel, trains and bumping cars.

Address: 53, Arch.Makariou Street
Contact number: 25 750 666

10. Sparti Adventure Rope Park

Sparti Adventure Rope Park with over than 100 activities, directly from France is surrounded by the forest, in a spacious area in the village of Pano Platres. Exciting activities such as climbing ropes, funicular, aerial bridges and nets, are suitable for all ages and can give you a different sense of play and adventure.

District: Pano Platres
Contact numbers:  99 100 003 (Greek), 99 100 040 (English & Russian)

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