Slovakian Embassy sees in Limassol opportunities for economic development

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Angelos Gregoriades, President of the KPMG, was appointed as the Honorary Consul of Slovakia, just a couple of months ago. The Consul’s Office, which was inaugurated in the presence of members of the business world in Limassol, is located at Makarios Avenue, an area considered to be the center of economic activity in the city.

Being closely related to the Slovakian business circles since 1998, Angelos Gregoriades has been an active member of the Slovak Cyprus Business Association, aiming to assist the growing collaboration between the 2 countries, having Limassol as a base. As the successor of Vassos Chatzitheodosiou at the Office, Mr Gregoriades looks forward to mutual, further development of business, investment and tourism.

With a special focus in tourism, forex services and startups, the Consul of Slovakia is confident that Limassol can be a prosperous land for exchanging experiences and knowledge that will be helpful for both countries. Slovakia, as a notable economy with 4 major automobile industries on its lands, sees in Limassol the place where the basis for further expansion of its economic relations, both within and outside the EU, can take place.

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