Sir Meat: A beloved Limassol burger joint opens its doors in the heart of the city!

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A food truck that specializes in burgers, which managed to acquire an enthusiastic fanbase within a year of operation, has opened up a new space in one of Limassol's most central squares. 

The menu of Sir Meat is now available in Heroes’ Square, an area that is gaining in popularity for an afternoon or evening outing. The new little shop is perfectly in sync with the atmosphere of the square, where old and young can enjoy a tantalizing range of 100% beef burgers, as well as vegan burgers made with Beyond Meat.

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If you choose to enjoy your burger on the spot, you will be serenaded by classic rock hits from the speakers. Alternatively, you can take it to go as you go for a walk in the square, or order it for home delivery.


Address: Heroes' Square (Limassol), Ilia Kannaourou Street (Ypsonas)
Contact number: 96 674504