Serenity Boutique House (Vouni)

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The most impressive part of Vouni is its stately mansions, built during the previous century, at a time when residents’ estates were generating enough wealth to justify such nobility. In 2019, one of these impressive homes was transformed into an elegant and luxurious lodging, reminiscent of those glory days past.

Serenity Boutique House offers unique accommodation that has harmoniously blended modern facilities with the traditional identity of the old, three-story building. Two separate, luxury apartments have been created within the space – Serenity Studio and Serenity Deluxe Queen Suite.

As their name suggests, the 2 apartments are designed in such a way as to ensure ultimate relaxation and serenity to guests. Furnished with rustic-style furniture that complements the traditional stone, and featuring simple lines and elegant details, these apartments create a cozy atmosphere both within the bedrooms as well as on the balcony and the large courtyard.

Contact number: 99 226600