Sculpture Museum by Filippos Yiapanis

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North of the city of Limassol, near the village Fasoula, is the self-taught sculptor, Filippos Yiapanis, sculpture museum. A refugee from Famagusta created on a hill, a few kilometers outside the city, his own art shelter, waiting for the return to his homeland.

A large area includes the park, "seeded" with his works, the amphitheater "Little Salamis", a space for cultural events, and the Gymnasium, miniature of the forum of the archaeological site of Salamis in Famagusta. The Gymnasium has also been formed into an outdoor venue, hosting the sculptor’s works. The area is surrounded by carved stones, which refer to the walls of Kyrenia and Famagusta, composing a creation in the shape of a ship, the ship for the return.

A new addition at the site is a new building behind the amphitheater, operating as a culture and exhibition venue of 220 square meters, with a cafeteria in the basement. Another 400 square meters on the ground floor are also available for exhibits, which can be seen panoramic from the mezzanine, where a café was created, with bar and exhibition space.

This special space, created by visionary artist Philip Yiapanis, named “Αrt Νest”, is a building that wants to emphasize the role of the museum as a center for promoting peace and friendship between peoples. The aim of the artist is to host colleagues of his, mainly young people from neighboring countries, so that through dialogue and cooperation to develop friendship and forget fanaticism.

The museum does hold plenty of exhibits, but it does not aspire to operate as a gallery. Concerts for charity are regularly held in the open space. At the same time, the new facilities are rented to large companies from abroad for gala dinners, next to the sculptures.

The new building has received an international architectural award for 2016.

Agias Paraskevis Str., Fasoula, 4551
99 681 177

Photos: Vassos Stylianou, 6x6 Studio of Photography

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