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Russian Desk for Russian business people in Limassol

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Hosting the largest community of Russian nationals and being one of the most popular destinations for Russians for business and holidays, Limassol could not but acquire its own link with Russian people.

Early in 2016 the Cyprus-Russian Business Association, member of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry since 1996, founded the Help Desk for Russian Business, known as Russian Desk. The Desk develops its action based in Limassol and the Commerce and Industry Chamber of Limassol.

Led by Mila Levinskaya, the Russian Desk is essentially a Help Desk for Russian businessmen venturing in Cyprus. The purpose of the Russian Desk is to support Russian companies in their daily routine, as well as to further strengthen business cooperation with the Russian market, through the projection and promotion of Cyprus as an International Business Center. The intentions of the new service, is also the development of specific actions, aiming to convey the message to the Russian businessmen that they have their own Help Desk and support for all the matters that may concern them.

After 1 year of activities, the Russian Desk has made way for a significant number of Russians who want to invest in Cyprus, or entrepreneurs who are already on the island and want to expand their business. By organizing events, informative and not only, the Russian Desk develops its action on various levels. The head of the Desk, Mila Levinskaya, emphasizes that the fulfillment of its target will be the success of the ventures of Russian citizens in Cyprus.

The Russian Desk operates within the Cyprus-Russian Business Association, which was established in 1996 under the auspices of the CCCI in cooperation with the Russian embassy and with the support of the Chambers of the Russian Federation. The foundation of the Russian Desk has been the extent of this collaboration, since Limassol is the center of activity for most Russian businessmen in Cyprus and the base of most Russian companies.

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