Russian-Cyprus Business and Investment Forum 2016

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The Russian-Cyprus Business and Investment Forum 2016 took place in Limassol on November 17th, aiming to answer the most critical questions related to business cooperation between Russia and Cyprus. On November 17th through an all day long process of discussion and exchange of views, the forum participants will consider 4 different business axes.

What are the latest developments in the banking sector? What are the major investment projects and business opportunities for Russian companies in Cyprus? What are the dynamics in the development of the Russian economy and the opportunities for cooperation with Cyprus? What about the issues of transparency and the tax system settings in Russian Federation and Cyprus? What applies for Russian tourism, energy and shipping in business relations between Cyprus and Russia?

Influential figures in politics and business, both from Cyprus and Russia were invited to answer all these questions through a series of placements and presentations, within this important annual institution.

The  forum took place at Lanitis Carob Mill Hall, at the city center.

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