Royal oak: The gigantic tree that became a landmark in the Limassol's countryside!

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It had been a landmark and a station (literally and figuratively) for the Limassol countryside. Located approximately halfway between Limassol and Troodos, this gigantic tree had offered its hearty shade to the travelers making this route. And though it hasn’t been around for the past 20+ years, this huge oak tree is still a point of reference in the memories of thousands of people who were familiar with the Limassol countryside.

‘The Lania oak tree,’ as people knew it back then, this ‘royal oak’, as legend had it, was a perennial tree that offered a necessary, as well as pleasant stop on the road to Lania village, approximately 25 km from Limassol. Its thick trunk and huge branches that spread out across a large diameter were used as the balcony of a café, which provided refreshing drinks to travellers.

According to legend, the name ‘royal oak’ had something to do with the visit of King Henry of France, who was on the island during the Frankish occupation of the island to take vine plants back to his country. With or without the visit of a king, this majestic tree could definitely be considered royalty, due its size. Its lifecycle ended in the mid-1990s, when its trunk was split in 2.

To this day, there are more perennial tees in the village, among which is another oak tree. After all, the name of the village is comes from the Greek name of the tree, ‘Valania.’

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