Retro Metropole Club: A former hotel event hall, turned into a gate to the past!

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Since 2008, this door at Iphigenia’s Street, at the heart of the historical city center, has been more than the entrance to a dance club. In fact, it has been some kind of a gate to a parallel universe, filled with the vibes and memories of nostalgic decades of the past.

Even though the slightly older ones find in Retro Club Metropole something of the years past, there are several youngsters that dance their feet off to disco, pop and rock n roll, in a place that minimizes the time span. After all, the 90s tribute evenings have become the highlight of the club, combining popular music choices of that decade, coming both from the international and Greek discography.

In this club you will see large groups of people, even entire classes of schoolmates, regularly celebrating with parties. But, even if you get there in a small (or even none at all) company, you will soon feel like you belong, dancing to the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s beats on a dancefloor that never stays empty. Few may know that this club used to be the event hall for Metropole Hotel (which is located right next to it), but Retro Club Metropole sure is a most typical retro reference in Limassol’s nightlife today.

The club is open during Friday – Saturday – Sunday.

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