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Prodromos Holy Monastery (Mesa Potamos)

In the heart of Troodos Mountains, between Saittas, Platres and Kato Amiantos, inside the pine forest is located the Prodromos Holy Monastery, at Mesa Potamos. It is a men’s monastery, which is dated back in the 11th or 12th century, with a possible expansion in the 14th century.

During the Ottoman Empire, the monastery declined. In 1753, when the Russian monk, Barsky, visited the place, he only found 1 abbot and 2 monks. In 1878 the temple was destroyed, due to a fire. In 1912, after an initiative of the Bishop of Kiti, the monastery was manned and operated once again, until it was deserted in 1916.

Both the Bishop Meletios Metaksakis and Nikodemos Milonas decided that the monastery should be utilized as a hotel for tourists that chose the idyllic location for recreation time. This lasted until the 1950s, when the monastery was deserted again.

The monastery, when it operated as a hotel.

The monastery was restored in its modern form and was inhabited by monks from Machairas in 2003. Inside the area of the monastery, the 16th century temple, a single area room, with a tiled roof and a few murals, is still preserved. In 2013, a new temple was built, in a wing of other auxiliary buildings.

The natural environment, the rich flora, a result of the nearby river and the waterfalls, and the general tranquility of the scenery make this monastery at Limassol’s mountains, an ideal option for relaxation and calmness of spirit. This is encouraged by the existence of a welcoming picnic area in a small distance from the monastery.

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