"Platanos:" A charming hangout in the heart of Limassol's historical city center!

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Situated on one of the most characteristic streets of the historical city center of Limassol, a few steps from the Medieval Castle, this charming hangout is reminiscent of the city’s old days.

“Platanos” is a tavern with a large and welcoming courtyard, where visitors feel as though they are being welcomed into the owners’ own home. Featuring all the characteristics of a typical garden in a home, it is surrounded by flowerpots and flowerbeds, with a large vine bower under which visitors sit.

The kitchen serves up flavors that correspond to this traditional image, including Cypriot meze dishes. It is open at lunchtime for a relaxed stop in the city center. On some nights, visitors can enjoy live music.

Address: Angyras Street 
Contact number: 99 024740