Pilavakio Museum

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PilavakioMuseum is hosted in a in a building that goes back to the 16th century. The building carries a unique story of 400 years and it belongs to the Pilavaki family, a well known family of pot makers at the area.

It is an agricultural museum of folk art with a beautiful collection of clay pot holders, jars, crocks, pitchers, incense boats, pots, milking utensils, ancient lanterns etc. What is moving is not only the art of ceramists, but also the functionality of the ceramics themselves, the dimensions of the objects, their durability, harmony and taste. Visitors can see the initials of the pot creators engraved on these pots that can still be used. The date of their creation sometimes goes back to the 18th century.

Pilavakio Museum is an innovative museum that revives the fertile and creative past of an agricultural community.This awarded museum has been visited and admired by many political people and scientists from all over the world and it’s a member of the European Ethnological Museums.

Telephone: 99529293, 25421545
Address: 4814, Foini

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