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PHOTOS: Which is the 'eye' of Limassol?

Blue, almost perfectly oval, carefully placed in the middle of concentric circles, the “eye” is located really high, above the forests and the seas of the entire district. The human factor made that happen, since the cavity was created intentionally on one of the highest points of the district.

The cavity, filled with water, that looks almost out of this world, when seen from up above, is the “crater” created on Troodos mountains, where for decades people would dig for asbestos. The mine, with an impressive amount of reserves, was a source of wealth back in the decades, when this material was in high demand in the industry. Thus, the mountain was dug to no return.

Today, the Forestry Department, within the restoration framework for the Asbestos Mine, has built in this crater an artificial lake with a capacity of 40,000 cubic meters of water. At the center of the lake, an island will be used as a shelter for birds, while a walk way has been designed at the surrounding areas. Thus, the “eye”, apart from a reminder of the forces impose to nature from humans, will be an opportunity to befriend nature, too.

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