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PHOTOS + VIDEOS: Marathon Panorama - This first 2-day event really had it all!

This first weekend of the Limassol Marathon sent a clear message: the longer it lasts, the more we want. The sun warmed up the city for good. The smiles, the vitality and the enthusiasm of thousands who ran in races of the event, and the thousands who watched, while participating in parallel events, warmed it up even more, though.

The massive participation of little ones and grown-ups on the first day of the event, proved that the world needs opportunities to shake things off, to get some sports and teamwork done. The blue kilometers on the Limassol beach turned out to be the ideal host for such a cordial and lively event for the 11th year.

This first 2-day event left its mark in the square of the Old Port, where the great outdoor space was a meeting point for information, entertainment, action and fun for both runners, and those who experienced from close up the enthusiasm of those days. 

The first Petrolina Energy Day, which followed the races on Saturday 18/3, emerged as a wonderful celebration for activity and health.

About 12 hours before the big race, the same area also hosted the first outdoor Pasta Party, offering all runners the necessary fuel for their marathon effort.

The dynamic presence of Guaba was the one that made sure that music and fun were an ongoing reference for the entire weekend, while the after party on Sunday and the performance by Minus One on the stage was the absolute climax of the event.

The 11th OPAP Limassol Marathon GSO ended in a festive manner, introducing innovations, opening activities to the people of Limassol, breaking a new record of participation and closing a date for 2018 that everyone will eagerly be awaiting for.

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