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PHOTOS + VIDEOS: Limassol Carnival 2017 panorama!

With a spectacular parade that lasted more than 5 hours, 120 teams paraded on Makarios Avenue, closing the celebrations for the Limassol Carnival 2017.

More than 20000 masquerades set up the most colorful festival at the Grand Parade on Sunday, making a new participation record. From early in the morning until the sunlight went away, they flooded the most central streets of the city, dancing like crazy.

With a tribute — video, the team of Cypriots Are Awesome proved exactly this, that Limassol is awesome:

The 11 days of the carnival were full of fun, music and partying from early in the morning on Tsiknopempti (Pancake Day)...

...to the Children's Parade and nighttime walk, just a few days before the peak of the celebrations.

During this time, there were also references to tradition, with the reconstruction of the satirical chariot on "All for the capital" and the construction of traditional wax eggs with confetti.

In the Grand Parade, troubadours and cheerleaders of the Cypriot Guides were first, the percussion team Batucinio followed right after them, as well as the Limassol cheerleaders and the Limassol Municipality Philharmonic. At 1:30 pm the chariots started their procession, led by the Queen on the chariot themed "The Deep Blue of the Mediterranean".

Impressive chariots, made with imagination and artistry, and groups whose participants reached up to 3000 people, as well as satirical chariots, like the one with the dominant figure of the diplomat Averof Neophytou, offered a rich spectacle and a lot of fun for those watching.

After all, imagination, artistry and humor were shown off by the masquerades with their costume choices for crazy masks.

The videos of the teams that paraded prove that madness and enthusiasm exceeded all expectations:

The Limassol Carnival 2017 closed with the established all night party for children and adults, which took place for the first time this year at the Old Port.

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