PHOTOS + VIDEOS: An amazing waterpark in the sea, on Limassol’s western coast!

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The Limassol beaches that are located just a few minutes west of the city, have been among the favorite family destinations for generations, and this is no coincidence. Beyond the endless miles of sandy coastline and amazing blue waters, this beach also offers a special waterpark in the sea, for plenty of games in the water.

The cluster of beach bars in the area have installed several inflatable, floating games and platforms across Aplostra Beach (widely known as Lady’s Mile Beach), which are great for both having fun, exercising, and cooling off in the sea. The lack of depth at this rather shallow beach makes the games accessible even to small children.

These waterparks of varying sizes located within the sea are a point of attraction for many visitors each summer, and provide an extra reason for people to choose to spend their day at Oceania Beach Bar, Captain’s Cabin or Glaros by the sea. Indeed, these games have become so popular that they are regularly renewed each year, to the pleasant surprise of the swimmers.