PHOTOS + VIDEO: The most expensive, tiny car, is now found in Limassol!

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This rare model of an ultra-luxury, yet tiny, car belonging to the UK brand Aston Martin, has been in Limassol since 2017. It is 1 of just 150 identical copies worldwide, which are never to be reproduced again.

The Aston Martin Cygnet was a type of ‘experiment’ for the British company (which is one of the Royal Family’s favorites), and in 2011, it manufactured 150 right-hand drive and another 150 left-hand drive vehicles of this model. It is a vehicle with a rather simple exterior, yet which maintains all the top features of an Aston Martin in its interior, including spacious leather seats and wood details.

The vehicle was manufactured with an IQ engine by Aston Martin, in an effort decrease the percentage of pollutants produced by the company’s cars. The experiment was unsuccessful, however, due to its high costs, which came to £55.000, that is, more than €60.000. The actual cost for the company, though, was even more than that, reaching an amount of £148.000 (more than double the sale price, making it completely unsustainable for Aston Martin).


This specific car was bought by a Russian national who was in Cyprus, and, after a negotiation with the Cyprus Historic & Classic Motor Museum, this unique Aston Martin Cygnet is now included in its collection of exhibits. Thus, since 2017, one can find in Limassol this one-of-its-kind car, with merely 150 other identical copies in the world.

Find out more information about the Cyprus Historic and Classic Motor Museum here.

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