PHOTOS + VIDEO: The modern, cylindric building at Makarios Av. is soon to be delivered!

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The impressive, cylindrical building designed to take its spot on the busy Archbishop Makarios Avenue in Limassol has begun to take on its characteristic form, just a few months after the start of construction. The modern Cedar Oasis is now quickly progressing towards its completion and it appears that this will be another landmark for the city.

The building, which combines retail, office and high-end residential space, is expected to be delivered in the spring of 2018. In this corner piece of land, the vertical plan of the construction includes 1 ground floor with shops, 7 floors of office space and 8 floors of residential apartments. The building also includes a large number of parking areas, both on the ground floor and underground, serving the needs of residents and tenants.

Cedar Oasis will offer a view of the entire city center, from the beachfront to the green expanse of the Laniteio School, which is right next to it. The large windows and design details of aluminum, marble and wood in the interior of the building, help create a unique construction that aims to bring the outdoors as close to the indoors as possible.

The building was designed by GMH2 Architects and the first 2 construction phases have been undertaken by Chapo Group.