PHOTOS + VIDEO: The burned village, which filled with colour and hope in a day!

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Since the 3rd of June, on the road to the villages of Arakapas, Dierona, Eptagonia, you don’t get to see the familiar scenery with the green orchards nor the pine-covered hills and the ravines with wild vegetation anymore. The blackness that was left behind by the fire will take time to disintegrate.

However, the young people of Arakapas, took a big step towards that direction, calling on the world to add some colour on their own, soothing the wounds of destruction. Their call was answered by 65 artists and hundreds of volunteers from all over Cyprus, who on the first Sunday of August, filled the village with colour and hope.

The street walls of the village were covered with beautiful images of what was lost in the fire (the famous mandarins of Arakapas, the shoemakers, the flowers, the birds and the animals). There were also murals with optimistic messages of carefreeness, solidarity and joy, while a special tribute was made to the 4 unfortunate victims of the fire as well as the firefighters who fought in order to extinguish it.