PHOTOS + VIDEO: The absolute tribute to 'Tsiknopempti' 2019 in Limassol!

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As is tradition, the historical center of Limassol was once again the place to be this 'Tsiknopempti,' (or 'Smokey Thursday'), starting the day off early with grills, hot coals and tantalizing aromas flooding the streets and surrounding neighborhoods. 

From Heroes Square to Eleftherias Street, the familiar hangouts for Carnival revelers and meat-eaters alike all enjoyed their moment in the spotlight, as Limassolians spilled out into the streets to enjoy a day marked by beautiful weather, despite the early appearance of a few ominous clouds.

The fun reached its apex in Saripolou Square, where this year, the Oenophiles of Cyprus held a special meeting at the Municipal Market Square. Just a few steps further down, the CUT community left their own mark on this last, smokey Thursday of February. 

Additionally, the area of the Castle Square, as well as the historical Zig-Zag street, were also popular meeting points for hundreds of people. 

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