PHOTOS + VIDEO: Limassol's industrial history in a museum sure is impressive!

The Limassol Chamber’s Industrial Museum “Kyriakos Hamboullas” was inaugurated on May 6th by the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nicos Anastasiades. The museum, for the foundation of which the decision was taken back in 2004, was concluded in 2016, with Costas Galatariotis as the chairman of the LCCI.

The museum presents Limassol’s course, as a business and industrial center, since the first decades of the 20th century. Among the exhibits is found machinery and equipment that was in use since the 1950s and until lately, and have been donated by companies, organizations and people that were part of the Chamber’s effort to create a museum in honor of Limassol’s past.

The museum is named after Kyriakos Hamboullas, a prominent man of Limassol and honorary President of the LCCI and the CCCI. The exhibits include machinery and equipment donated by the Cyprus Electricity Authority – Limassol, the Cyprus Telecommunication Authority – Limassol, the Limassol Water Board, the Limassol Municipality, Lellos Bookbinding LTD., Omicro Shirts Industry LTD., The Cyprus Cement Public Company LTD., Vassiliko Cement Works Public Company LTD., Provita LTD., Coca – Cola Cyprus, Remedica LTD., KEO plc, Lanitis Farm LTD., Nemitsas LTD., ETKO LTD., Groexport LTD., ΚΕΑΝ LTD., Μedochemie LTD. and Haffipavlou Christ. & Sons LTD.

Historical photos are enhancing this tour through time and through the past of the business scene of the city, offering the opportunity to the visitors, especially young students and younger generations, to conceive the evolution it has been through so far.