PHOTOS + VIDEO: Free protective masks provided to Cyprus hospitals and beyond!

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In late March 2020, a couple from Limassol had noticed that the covid-19 pandemic had left many of the city’s hospital workers without the right protective equipment. As a result, they utilized the 3D printer they had at their disposal and their contacts with an international community making 3D printed masks to kick off a pancyprian volunteer movement that would provide a solution to this problem.  

The couple made a call to action through the Facebook page of the Parents Association of their children’s school, and gradually began to draw the interest of many individuals involved with 3D printing at both a professional and amateur level. Soon, 100+ volunteers from across Cyprus began printing protective masks that are distributed to cover the needs of hospital staff, members of the police force, and workers in service industries all over the island.

This pro bono group effort was further supported by individuals who undertook the printing, the collection and transportation of the masks, as well as by companies who donated materials or otherwise supported production, such as IAm3D, IMADE3D, 3DMakers, NTSomnii LTD, Singular, Cartridge World, Elektor, Wallaby, Rise Innovation Center, and education institutions such as the Heritage Private School, the CUT, and the University of Nicosia.

A major advantage of these masks is that they can be sanitized and reused.

In particular, one of the modern laboratories of the Heritage School encourages students to solve everyday problems using 3D printed constructions. This same approach was implemented in the case of protective masks. The CUT has also participated in the effort via its 3 laboratories; the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship CUTing Edge, the Makers Lab at the Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts, and the Laboratory of Therapeutic Ultrasounds.

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