PHOTOS: This young man 'paints' Limassol throught his camera!

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He was born in Limassol, but he only recently came to live in it. Thus, for a few years now, after his permanent residency, he has been exploring it through photography. The western coast of the district are his most common landscapes, since they are closer to his place, and he manages to capture the most beautiful moments of this locations, in a way that makes them seem like a painting.

Charalampos Kouloumis is one of the youngest photographers in Limassol (working also abroad) and he has managed to leave his mark on his photos, with his own, unique point of view. The sunrise, the sunset the dusk or the gloomy days of the year are among his favorite hours for shooting, since they allow him to experiment with light, colors and shades.

In a small sample of his work, with pictures from Akrotiri peninsula coasts, from the beach at Lady's Mile, from Zapalo beach, Kouris dam, as well as the Limassol city seaside, Charalampos sure does makes it clear that Limassol through his lens and eyes is utterly impressive.

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